Filter Regulator and Lubricator – Aluminum – 1/2” – 215 PSI M.P – 99 CFM (740 gpm)

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Product Description

Space-saving 2 pc Modular Filter-Regulator Combination & Lubricator is by far the most popular Air Preparation unit. The Filter-Regular Combination & Lubricator are attached in series using spacers & piping adapters, which makes the individual components easily removable/mountable without disturbing the pipeline. These come complete with a wall mounting bracket.

  • Air Filter: is used to separate dust, dirt, moisture & other contaminants from compressed air. The filter has a Die Cast Aluminum body &
    bowl with a high-performance Sintered Bronze Filtering element. The filter is designed with a separator & shield for efficient moisture
  • Regulator: maintains a steady outlet pressure, unaffected by variations/fluctuations in the inlet pressure. Regulators have a Non-Raising
    “Press to Lock” adjusting knob for locking at any set pressure. Regulators work on a Diaphragm operated, relieving type mechanism with
    pressure compensated by balanced poppet.
  • Air Lubricators: is used to feed lubricants to pneumatic equipment. These maintain a constant oil-to-air density over a wide range of flow. Lubricators are Fog/Micro Mist type, up to 50’ pipe runs. Designed for best performance with 32-grade oil. These have a Die Cast Aluminum head & bowl. The head is fitted with Oil Drop Indicator, Oil drop controller, & Oil Filling Plug.
  • The metal bowl makes these good for use in Chemical plants, Paint shops, pharmaceutical plants, foundries, etc. where ambient air may
    contain chemicals, such as acetone, benzene, kerosene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, ethylene dichloride, toluene, etc.

Also recommended for high-pressure applications and use with air compressor systems using fire-resistant lubricants.

Additional Information




Die Cast and Aluminum Body

Max. Flow Rate

99 CFM


NPT(f) 1/2”


NPT(f) 1/2”

Working pressure

Up to 215 PSI

Working Temperature

32º F to 140º F

Gauge Thread

NPT(f) 1/8”

Bowl Capacity - Filter

3 oz

Bowl Capacity - Lubricator

7 oz

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