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Hose reels are cylindrical spindles that keep the dispensing hose rolled up neatly helping improve the life of the hose and reducing wear and tear. Not only do hose reels help make the environment safer but it also improves efficiency by helping the user control the hose to their preference. Hose reels can be arranged by the diameter needed, length of the hose, working pressure, and the type of operation it could be used in. Additionally, there are different types of hose reels that are fit specifically for any type of fluid such as Oil, Grease, Diesel, Air/Water, and DEF.

Some advantages of using hose reels:

  • Improves the environment.
  • Ensures security by reducing serious accidents. Since the hose is rolled up and stored in the reel component after it is finished being used it could prevent future tripping incidents.
  • Prevents leakage and reduces cost. If hoses are kept in good condition and on the reel, it will reduce the wear and tear, extending the life of the hose up to five times.
  • Improves efficiency by helping people control hoses as they like, thereby the productivity is increased by allowing quick and easy dispense of fluids.

Facts to consider when choosing/comparing hose reels:

✅   All Wolflube reels come with double arms.
✅   Heavy-duty springs, lifetime up to 20,000 cycles.
✅   Swivel inlet.
✅   Powder-coated paint.
✅   2 Years Warranty!.

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